BUchanan St. Patrick's PArade
About the Parade

Our parade is organized by the St. Patrick's Day committee and funded by the generosity of the community!

Each year, the Buchanan St. Patrick's Day committee selects a Grand Marshal for the parade.  The Grand Marshal is chosen through an open nomination process and anyone can submit a nomination. 
Typically, a Grand Marshal is someone who gives back and is loyal and supportive to our community.

We are proud of the people in our community who go above and beyond and are honored to show them our appreciation.

Meet our committee
Co-Chairs: Karen Park & Beth Rende
Holly Eichler, Rich Funchion, Kelly Hesslegrave, 
Colleen Longergan, Michelle Murray & Jill Wheeler

Past Parade Honorees:

Grand Marshal - Joe Ryan
Aides  -  Mike Guida & Bob Kelleher


Grand Marshals - Butch & Sherry Jahoda
Aides  -  Sean Burgara & Steven Trend

Grand Marshal - Patrick Joseph O'Toole
Aides  -  Barbara Stewart & Kathy Stewart

Grand Marshal - Andy Cody 
Aides  - Rom Cesnavicius & Dick Fay


Grand Marshal - Paul O'Brien 
Aides  -  Adam McCauley & Stuart Rickett


Grand Marshals - William Keenan & Clare Carey
Aides - Jerry Margiotta & Dan O'Neill


Grand Marshal - Betty Travis
Aides - Helene Kane, Shawn O'Mara &
Janet Williams


Grand Marshal - Harry DiPietro
Aides - Tom Carey,  Lynda Hall &
Penny Pierce-Baisley

Grand Marshal - Bob Millen
Aides - Kenneth (Hooker) MacDonald &
Robert Wheeler

Grand Marshal - J.P. McHale
Aides - Joe Fichter, Joseph Tropiano &
Brian Tubbs

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